A Community Interest Company (CIC) was incorporated in March 2020 to create a legal entity with which to run the planned Aston Community Shop. A few months later it was possible to fulfill the vision and open for business from Saturday 29 August 2020.

This new company is registered at Companies House under no. 12499608

The two directors of the CIC are Richard Lincoln and Paul Read.

To transform the vision of re-opening Aston Stores as a Community Shop a small steering group was formed to drive the project forward. 

The original Steering Group members were Judy Eames, Richard Lincoln, Paul Read and Martin Smith.  Liz Wilson was invited on board later in the project.

To kick start the project members were given various ‘job titles’ to enable tendering for grants and support organisations such as the Plunkett organisation.

With the newly formed CIC it was then possible to invite individuals to purchase shares – to date share funds total £13,500.

In addition to the share issue it has also been necessary to seek loans of a further £10,000 to cover the initial stock purchase.

You can also view the Memorandum of association of ASTON COMMUNITY STORE CIC   HERE