Today is the start of the preparation work for the refit. The first tasks have been;

The stripping out the old shelving and moving the kitchen into the store room to create a Post Office facility in that space.  There has also been a few coats of paint added to the ceiling and walls and the flooring is also having a clean.

Week 2 – More painting required . . . 

The store room and Post Office area will be finished off before the front of the shop begins to take shape.

Rather than watching paint dry we watched water running down the newly painted walls. Hence the call out to a roofer to try and fix the problem.  We have also discovered that much of the electrical wiring needs to be replaced,

Roof repairs now complete (patched up not fully renovated!) and the store room is almost ready for its shelving..

Good progress is being made so keep watching this space.   Behind the scenes others are busy coordinating supplies and other admin work.

Roof repairs ongoing as the gutters now need attention. Additional electrical wiring being installed.

Sponsors and volunteers still required to help in the shop.  Please feel free to pop around to view the up-to-date progress and the latest notices in the window.  

By the end of the week the shop looks less like a building site as the broken freezer has been disposed and new shelving has started to be installed

Roof repairs still ongoing as the latest storms show there is still a need to enhance the repairs. 

There is a new window sill and additional lighting.both inside and out. More shelving will be erected in the store room ready for later deliveries.

There is still a lot more to do but progress is noticeable!  

New lighting and security system being installed this week

New lights outside will help illuminate the new shop signage. The old red and white Aston Stores sign is being replaced.

The storeroom is nearing completion with the new shelving in place and hot and cold running water in the kitchen area.  

The Post Office area is yet to be finished off. 

Additional lighting and shelving being installed this week

Meanwhile, please take a virtual tour of a couple of weeks of our Work in Progress.

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